At FAS Flight Simulators, we take pride in providing a top-notch aviation experience for our valued customers. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to immerse you in the world of flying, whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a curious beginner.

Free Wi-Fi

Air conditioning

Parking space



Cutting-Edge Simulators: Our spacious and comfortable facilities house the latest flight simulators. These advanced machines replicate the cockpit of real aircraft, allowing you to feel every twist, turn, and throttle adjustment.


Professional Instructors: Our experienced instructors are passionate about aviation. They’ll guide you through pre-flight checks, takeoffs, landings, and emergency procedures. Whether you’re learning the basics or mastering advanced maneuvers, our team is here for you.


Realistic Environments: Step into our facilities, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by stunning visuals. Our simulators transport you to different locations and weather conditions.


Comfortable Lounges: Relax before or after your flight in our cozy lounges. Grab a cup of coffee, chat with fellow aviation enthusiasts, and share your flying experiences.